4 Auto Transport Myths Debunked

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Most people don’t even consider automobile transport until they desperately need it. After all, it’s not something we use on a daily basis.

Therefore, for those who are relocating across the nation or purchasing a car to be delivered over long distances, there might be some perplexing issues or myths about how it all works.

We’re here to create some clarity about the most prevalent vehicle transport misconceptions. See what’s real and what’s not below.


Myth #1: Driving your vehicle is easier and cheaper than shipping it

First, there are a lot of hidden costs in driving a car cross-country that people often ignore, including: gasoline, food, lodging, loss of income from missing work (time off for travel), possible repairs en route due to wear and tear of the car, and any tolls you have to pass through. Plus, you’ll be responsible for the cost of any damage to your vehicle during the trip.

Secondly, driving a car from point A to point B is not always faster when factoring in bathroom breaks, the need to make sure your children/pets are comfortable, visits to scenic stops or landmarks, and delays at the border caused by long queues.

For more clarity on how prices for vehicle transport are calculated, read our article What is the average price to ship a car in the US?.

Myth #2: Shipping your car with a auto transport company is not safe

First of all, we background check all of our drivers, to ensure that they are professional, capable, and fully licensed to do the job. All drivers are also uniformed, as we know their appearance says a lot about the image of our company. At EasyWay Auto Transport, only those who fulfill our strict requirements are accepted as auto shipping drivers – we hire the best.

Secondly, all vehicles we transport are insured against damage or loss during transportation. This will cover all possible damages or losses that may occur during the shipment.

Myth #3: You can only transport your vehicle if it runs

Looking to ship a vehicle that isn’t running properly? Don’t worry, there is no reason your car needs to be running when it’s being shipped. In fact, many people ship vehicles that are not working properly.

We can transport any car that is capable of rolling, breaking, and steering, even if it does not start. However, remember that shipping an inoperative automobile may be more expensive since haulers will need a specific trailer, equipment, and/or skills to load, unload, and transport it.

For straightforward talk on any car shipping query you may have, just call one of our agents at (630) 415-1881 or request a quote.

Myth #4: Auto transport companies use shady business practices.

Maybe you’ve heard from your friends, or read a facebook or blog post about how a particular car shipping company is not legit, won’t give you a quote over the phone, or charges absurdly high rates.

Here are some thoughts on this…

In the US, as with any industry, there are a lot of companies that are simply not legit. That’s why we recommend you always do your due diligence before getting into business with them. You can always search for online reviews for car shipping companies: just visit Google local listings. 

At EasyWay Auto Transport, our customers are why we’re in business. We know that a happy client is a great benefit for us, and that’s why we make every effort to provide excellent service. We have tried and tested procedures in place that guarantee your car will be shipped safely, at a fair price, and on time.

Our promise to you and your vehicle:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Covered auto transport compliance standards
  • We work only with professionals
  • Dedicated customer agents 24/7
  • We secure your vehicle from theft
  • Storage unit and covered parking
  • Zero upfront payment
  • Personal inspection
  • And many more additions

For real life examples of our service, you can read reviews from previous clients on Google Maps.

Ready to transport your car with EasyWay?

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Contact us for a quote or
call now at (630) 415-1881
Contact us for a quote or
call now at (630) 415-1881
Contact us for a quote or
call now at (630) 415-1881