Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Trucking damage claims are covered by the carrier from up to $250,000 cargo insurance per load, and a minimum a million dollars public liability and property damage.

2. All claims must be noted and signed for at time of delivery. Claims for damages not documented on Bill of Lading will not be honored. EasyWay Auto Transport strongly suggests that a phone call is made to one of our representatives in case there is noticed damage or loss.

3. All claims, subrogation, litigation or legal action must have right of venue in the State of Illinois.

4. EasyWay Auto Transport will not be responsible for any exhaust systems, mufflers or tail pipes. No Exception!

5. EasyWay Auto Transport will not be responsible for any mechanical-function damages including: engine, transmission, motor mounts, clutch, suspension, ect.

6. Damages cause and/or resulting from any type of weather conditions: snow, ice, rain, winds, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, sand storms and etc.

7 EasyWay Auto Transport agrees to provide a carrier to transport your vehicle as promptly as possible in accordance with your instructions but delays during pick-up or delivery may occur sometimes because of occurrence of floods or any other natural disasters.

8. A cancellation fee of the secured deposit will be kept for orders canceled after they have been dispatched due to the customer’s fault.

9. All pick-up and delivery dates are estimated. EasyWay Auto Transport asks for at least 1-4 business days for pick up. If customer cancels in the first 4 business days from the first available pick up date, there will be a $150 cancelation fees.

10. If customer avoids any cancellation fees, customer will be sent to Collection Services within a week of the payment date.

11. Carriers assigned by EasyWay Auto Transport perform door to door services unless residential area restrictions apply. If that is the case, client will be asked nicely to meet driver at the nearest location allowing the truck to load/unload vehicle safely.

12. Pick-ups by hourly appointment are available for an additional fee, by smaller unrestricted auto carriers.

13. If client is not available at delivery or client is unresponsive, vehicle will be delivered to a terminal, and there will be an extra charge for storage and delivery. (24 hour heads up is given by carrier for pick up or delivery)

14. If EasyWay Auto Transport is not advised of inoperable or oversized vehicles prior to pick up, driver at pick up will inquire of extra funds.

15. Vehicles must be passed on to carriers in good running condition with no more than a half tank of fuel.

16. Carrier will not be liable for damage caused by leaking fluids, freezing, exhaust systems, or antennas not tied down.

17. Orders shall be paid in two separate payments. Once a driver is assigned, a deposit will be required to secure a spot on the trailer, the remaining balance will be paid on delivery to the driver (cashier’s check, money order or business check).

18. Full payments via credit card must be processed at the time of booking the driver. There will be an additional 5% credit card fee if paying for the full balance via credit card.

19. Overseas orders must be prepaid by cashier’s check or wired money.

20. Shipper warrants that he will pay the price quoted due EasyWay Auto Transport for delivered vehicles or “cancellation fees” and will not seek to charge back a credit card or stop a check to offset any dispute for damage claims.

21. Department of Transportation regulations require that all claims be filed in writing and all tariffs be paid in full before claims are processed.

22. EasyWay Auto Transport Department of Transportation Broker’s license is # 1058648

23. This supersedes all prior written or oral representation of EasyWay Auto Transport and constitutes the entire agreement between shipper and EasyWay Auto Transport may not be changed except in writing signed by an officer of EasyWay Auto Transport.


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Contact us for a quote or
call now at (630) 415-1881
Contact us for a quote or
call now at (630) 415-1881